Mythical Power of Aquarius Tattoo Symbols

By Tattoo Artist On March 20, 2010 Under Zodiac Tattoos

The Mythical Power of Aquarius Tattoo Symbols for Aquarians and non-Aquarians.

Nowadays, you can see many people having Aquarius tattoo symbols embedded in their bodies depicting their zodiac signs.  People who are born from January 20 to February 18 are called Aquarians under the zodiac sign, Aquarius.  These people are generally perceived to be humanitarian in nature and possess a strong inclination to be philanthropist in anything they do towards mankind.  They belong to the 11th sign of the zodiac cycle represented by a water bearer, and are believed to make a better world for humanity.

A mythical story relates that Zeus, the Greek God, deployed his eagle named Aquila to the world of human beings to find the young and handsome prince by the name of Ganymede.  At that time, the prince was serving as a cupbearer, and finding the prince in such a lowly situation, Zeus made him under the sign of Aquarius, the humble water bearer, but the most admired and popular among all the stars in the constellation.  The Aquarius tattoo symbols have been patterned from the combined planetary forces which are known for elusive strength and dynamic energy.

A small blue Aquarius tattoo symol on back of the neck.

Being friendly and dynamic by nature, Aquarians are known to set their minds on pleasing people to gain a lot of acquaintances.  The water flowing from a container in the Aquarius tattoo symbols is symbolic of Aquarians pouring their inherent sense of creativity and wide perception of things to humanity.  On the other hand, the Aquarius tattoo symbols also symbolize their unpredictable and erratic behavior at certain times.  Since they are endowed with a creative mind, they can easily engage in discussions on various subjects with other people.

Today, a wide variety of selections on Aquarius tattoo symbols can be found in the market.  If you are an Aquarian, you have the option to choose the Celtic tattoo symbols that are represented by 2 horizontal lines combined with several patterns and curves.  These Celtic tattoos include the tribal tattoos and the traditional Celtics representing the water flowing naturally and the enchanting sound of its rhythm.  Tribal tattoo symbols are created with horizontal curves indicating an elegant and unique flow of water blended with stars around the main object.

Aquarius tattoo symbols are also formed with designs containing a heart and with 2 curved lines indicating the natural flow of water which is symbolic of the Aquarius constellation.  Another popular tattoo design of Aquarius is an

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attractive pot where water flows constantly in the midst of clouds and stars.  These Aquarius tattoo symbols come in a range of reflective designs that are made out of broad imagination that you will surely appreciate.

You can find the Aquarius tattoo symbols available in different forms of designs with amazing symbols such as the water carrier, a nicely-crafted pot, an earthen pot with flowing water, maiden pouring water from a pot and many more.  Since Aquarians are known to be friendly and jolly people, these attitudes are clearly depicted in the tattoo symbols contained in their zodiac sign.  In fact, there are people who are not Aquarians but love to have these tattoos in their bodies because they want to reflect the kinds of wholesome attitudes that they have.


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