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Zodiac Tattoo Signs of Capricorn

By Tattoo Artist On October 20, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The sign of capricorn with date tattoo design for men and women.Zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn as symbol of success and steadfast principle…

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn usually prefer to have only the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn embedded on their bodies.  While there are a few who would not go for their specific symbol and would choose other zodiac signs, there are also those whose signs are not Capricorn, but they want to have the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn etched on their skins.

Being the 10th in the rank of horoscope, Capricorn is symbolized by a mythical goat called Amalthea.  There are several legends associated with this symbol, and one of the most popular is the one stating that this goat was greatly honored by the Greek God Zeus for providing him with milk during his youth.  Capricorn is governed by the 2nd biggest planet in the solar system which is Saturn.  Therefore, the zodiac

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Wing Tattoos at Full Back: Angel or Devil?

By Tattoo Artist On October 18, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A perfect wings tattoo at woman's full back.For professional people who want the kinds of tattoos that can be easily displayed and hidden with clothes, wing tattoos at full back are best for them.  But before you go to a tattoo artist, you have to determine 1st your ultimate desire, whether you want them hidden or ones that can be showed off at an instant.  You have to find out also if there is a rule in your office prohibiting employees from wearing tattoos.

If you’re applying for a job, it could be best for you to forego your decision to etch wing tattoos at full back in the meantime because there are employers who don’t accept applicants embedded with transparent tattoos on their skins.  Of course your have to give priority to your career than your tattoo obsessions.  But if there is no restrictions on tattoos that are hidden, then you can consider having large wing tattoos

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Greek Mythology on Taurus Tattoo Symbols

By Tattoo Artist On October 16, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A small Taurus tattoo on girl's wrist.Taurus tattoo symbols refer to the qualities of people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus called Taureans that include dedication, consistency, steadfastness, strong determination and high ambition.  A fictional story in the Greek mythology indicates that Zeus, the greatest of the Gods, had to replicate as a bull to win the heart of a beautiful maiden named Europa.  This became the start of Taurus sign’s popularity among the other signs of zodiac.

This also became the basis of immense popularity of Taurus tattoo symbols for all people especially Taureans.  These tattoo designs are available in a great number of appealing patterns for you to choose from.  With a range of smart ideas and styles, they can be crafted in a unique and innovative form.  Since the bull is known for its strong and striking profile, it became the most suitable image that is fitted with this zodiac symbol.

A long horn taurus tattoo symbol at man's back.If you are

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Tattoo Symbol for Sisters

By Tattoo Artist On October 14, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Chinese letters "Sister" tattoo on a pair of sisters forearm.The tattoo symbol for sisters has become the latest craze in the world today that befits people who love their sisters.  Across the globe, you can see many people bearing this kind of tattoo as a sign of universal spirit of love for their sisters.  This is a silent way of showing your deep affection to your sister by honouring her in a specific part of your body with a nice tattoo.

This tattoo symbol for sisters is available in a variety of attractive patterns and designs for you to choose from.  Each design is meaningful that serves as a great way to convey the universal message of sisterhood.  It is an effective means of expressing in symbols what sister relationships really mean for people.  It may not even be directly associated with sisters in a family, but can be sisters in belief and cultural values.

With this kind of sister tattoo,

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Great Tattoo Ideas for Mothers That You Can Be Proud of

By Tattoo Artist On October 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A pair of baby's feet print tattoo on mother's calf.If you are a mother who has been searching for a kind of tattoo design that is impressive in look, but you don’t have any tattoo ideas for mothers, this is now a great chance for you to have your obsession.  The whole process may not appear to be easy at all because it’s not only the tattoo which is at stake, but also your reputation to other people.  Your 1st step is to determine what you really want out of a design for a mother.

Try to come-up with your own tattoo idea that is impressive, and compare it with available tattoo ideas for mothers that you can find online.  Choose a kind of tattoo that you can dare to be with for many years without giving you any discomfort or stain to your appearance and personality.  Your chosen tattoo does not necessarily be large and sophisticated.  It can be

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