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Finding Tattoo Designs of Libra Signs?

By Tattartist On October 10, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The establish libra tattoo for men and women.Based on the horoscope, Libra is associated with a dual nature pertaining to the inherent attitude and character of the person shown outside that is embodied in tattoo designs of Libra signs.  For generations, Libra has been used as symbol of justice along with diplomatic and tactful personality.  Librans are known to be gifted with the ability to mediate, negotiate and establish harmonious relationships among people.

They possess great powers of communication and want to engage in the kinds of jobs and lifestyles that involve interaction with a lot of people, as well as travelling to various places.  Realistic and fictional stories about Libra are subjects to interest to many people born under Libra that is why they are attracted to embed tattoo designs of Libra signs on their bodies.  As a symbol of justice, you can also adopt a theme represented by a glyph symbol related to this zodiac sign.

The libra with sword tattoo design for men and women.The

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Best Historic Sword Tattoos Meaning

By Tattartist On October 8, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A dragon with sword tattoo design for men and women.Sword tattoos are made-up of simple designs, yet, they can provide you with a clear statement.  An image of the sword can be used as an added symbol to a particular tattoo that will make its dimension more meaningful.  The image of an angel carrying a lamb has a great different meaning compared to an angel who wields a sword.

As a military emblem, the sword has been used as a weapon of warriors in battles for many generations of men.  It symbolizes protection against aggressors, liberty, benevolent power and honor.  These qualities of men are all associated with valor and heroism.  It is believed that if you carry a sword tattoo, you are portraying yourself as an individual who remains steadfast to the code of personal ethics.

Wearing sword tattoos also symbolize protection against hardships during difficult times, as well as religious significance.  During the Middle Ages, it was used as

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How to Make Your Superman Tattoo Design More Appealing

By Tattartist On October 6, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A letter "S" tattoo on arm.Who said Superman tattoo design is only for males?  Many people perceive that this kind of tattoo is exclusively for man because of the masculine profile of Superman.  But that’s not true; women adore this superhero that they also profess to wear his image on their bodies.  Some women even want his counterpart, Superwoman, for a more feminine outlook but still retaining the powerful image of the superhero.

If you want to have a Superman tattoo design etched on your body, determine which location is best fitted for you to have it, and consider the appropriate size of your tattoo.  You can choose your forearm, back, hip or upper arm to make it more visible.  Bear this important thing in mind; whenever you are planning to have a tat, you must always consider 2 things; the location and the size of your tat.  At times, your choice of the location will

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Is Statue Liberty Tattoo Only for Patriotic Citizens?

By Tattartist On October 4, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A statue liberty with "America" tattoo design on calf.It is widely believed that those who wear Statue Liberty tattoos are all patriotic citizens of America.  But what about those people from other countries wearing this kind of tattoo; what is their purpose in wearing it?  The Statue of Liberty is known across the globe as symbol of freedom, justice, independence and liberty.  Basically, it represents the enduring principles of liberty of American people.  It depicts the struggle for freedom of Americans since time immemorial.

The principles embodied in the Statue Liberty tattoo represent the unwavering love for country, patriotism and unity among people in times of war and in times of peace.  The Statue of Liberty does not only signify the undying principles of American people, but also widely accepted as patriotic commitment of people in support of their nation across the globe.  Anyone who bears the Statue Liberty tattoo in other parts of the world thinks of serving

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Feminine Stars and Hearts Tattoos

By Tattartist On October 2, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The green and black nautical star tattoo on wrist.The hottest trend these days are tattoos that are magnificent to express your innermost emotions especially through stars and hearts tattoos.  In the past, tattoos were used mainly for personal identity and silent communication, but nowadays, tattooing is regarded as a fashionable mantra for the body.  You’ll find a lot of people who want to experience having a unique tat design for their skins.

The world becomes small and united through the appearance of tattoos for both genders.  While men opt to have bold tat designs that are aggressive, women commonly prefer those that have delicate designs.  Generally speaking, when it comes to tattoos, there’s no such thing as exclusively for men or women, but there are certain types of tats that are suitable for men, and some of them, for women.

Therefore, if you’re looking for specific designs that look feminine, here are some ideas on tats for girls.  Stars and

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