Popular Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On August 21, 2010 Under Flower Tattoos

A Hawaiian flower tattoo design for male and female.If you are a tattoo enthusiast who prefer a kind of tattoo with a floral look, the Hawaiian flower tattoos can fit your taste.  Many people today opt for this popular kind of tattoo as a remembrance of their stay in Hawaiian Islands which they cherish so much.  It could be the romantic memory that they have in mind, the ravishing beauty of the resort island, or the exotic beauty Hawaiian flowers that are considered pride of Hawaii.

Whatever the reason is, Hawaiian flowers have become the favorite of those who want Hawaiian flower tattoos embedded on their bodies.  One of the most popular flowers of Hawaii is the hibiscus, and it most often used as a design in tattoos.  It comes in various colors with delicate drape of petals that look pretty and attractive.  It signifies that since life is short, it should be enjoyed to the fullest, grabbing every opportunity that comes.

Popular Hawaiian flower tattoo on man's sleeve.Another kind of flower that can be seen commonly in Hawaiian flower tattoos is the Plumeria.  These are flowers that are grouped together to form a necklace called the Hawaiian lei.  These flowers emit fragrance and they are made-up of different colors.  They are crafted alone in flower tattoos, or you can combine them with hibiscus to make a perfect combination of flowers.  Plumerias signify hospitality, acceptance and warmth.

It is also possible for you to create your own design of Hawaiian flower tattoos if you wish, by combining various symbols that the Island is famous for.  You can also opt for an image of a playful dolphin along with hibiscus, lilies or roses that makes a fantastic tattoo.  There are other kinds of flowers that you can select for your tattoo such as anthuriums, birds of paradise and orchids which are all distinctive and tropical in look.  This is one way to have a paradise of your own, and get closer to Hawaii Island.

You can choose from different ways to design your Hawaiian flower tattoos like the usual single design etched on your hip or shoulder, or a type of lei tattooed on your arms or ankles.  You can also combine a flower with a vine embedded as an armband or ankle band which would look attractive like a permanent jewelry to be worn in different occasions.  In this design, you can exude a real tropical aura as the blend of colors of Hawaiian flowers is unique and appealing.  For your flower armband, you can also adopt a specific tribal pattern coupled with bold outlines.

Three Hawaiian flowers tattoo on girl's stomach.

Your Hawaiian flower tattoos can also include other symbols that the Island is famous for such as seashells, a hula dancer, sea turtles, a surfboard or ocean waves.  The final result of the design will depend now on the gender of the tattoo bearer.  In the case of women, they prefer delicate and feminine designs, while for men, it could be a floral motif combined with a masculine symbol or a tribal pattern.

Whatever your choice is, make sure that you take your time in selecting the best design for your Hawaiian flower tattoos if you want them permanently etched on your skin.

The Hawaiian flower with Italic tattoo at the left side of girl's body.


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