Popularity of Prison Break Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On March 22, 2010 Under Celebrity Tattoos

Jailbreak Answers Curiosity on the Popularity of Prison Break Tattoos

The immense popularity of Prison Break Tattoos rose up after filming of the famous movie “Prison Break” where the main character, Michael J. Scofield, was seen having tattoos in his body.  These tattoos were made in a shocking way that depicted the attempt of the main characters to make a terrifying jailbreak.  Different designs of Prison Break Tattoos were used in the series to make the film outstanding and more realistic.

The synopsis of the movie showed Michael plotting a detailed plan to escape from prison together with his brother due to false conviction.  Michael engraved the Prison Break Tattoos in his skin to have the exact details of the jailbreak plan.  The blueprint of the jail was printed on the front part of his body while at his back, the secret prison areas including the security gates were incorporated discreetly into the tattoo.

The film catches the attention of the viewers because it portrays the magnificent struggle of Michael to save his own brother who was also innocent of the crime.  The film was motivated with love, concern for others, unfair prosecution, strife for freedom, dreadful effects of false accusation and driving spirit of human beings in times of crisis.  These qualities of men in action are silently embedded in the Prison break tattoos.

Whether the film was based on real life or just a product of wild imagination, it was done in a perfect setting with realistic portrayal of the major characters in search for justice and freedom.  It serves as a lesson for the justice system to be more precise, investigative and considerate on the plight of suspected criminals before a verdict is handed over.

The Prison break tattoos are silent symbols to remind the people of authority that a major lapse in their judgments can lead to severe sufferings on the part of victims.  The film also conveys the message that the events can happen in any jail and in any part of the world.  People who struggle in their everyday life can get a good lesson from it in their effort to survive through an effective action plan.

The Prison break tattoos used in the film were designed by Berg and it took him 5 hours to complete them.  Berg was so profound and meticulous in designing the Prison break tattoos because he has been informed that visual effects would be integrated into the film details that should be equivalent to the prison blueprints.

This is the reason why he had to come up with amazing designs in forming the outlines and curves of the Prison break tattoos.  Likewise, he was asked to produce different designs to be used in the episode.  By using separate pieces of tattoos etched on the upper part of Michael’s body, the highly-acclaimed tattoos were completed.

If you want the kinds of tattoos with great meaning to be etched in your body, you can consider having them as tribute to Michael’s struggle in prison with his brother.  It could be something that captivates the attention of others in portraying the defeat of evil forces as symbolized in the Prison break tattoos.


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