Raging Bull Tattoos: Symbol of Immense Taurus Power

By Tattoo Artist On March 4, 2010 Under Zodiac Tattoos

How a Raging Bull Tattoo Fits Your Body as Symbol of Immense Power?

An angry bull tattoo inked on shoulder.People under the zodiac sign, Taurus, would probably choose the popular Raging Bull tattoo to be printed in their bodies as the symbol of Taureans.  This tattoo can be their best pick among other tattoos because apart from being the symbol of their zodiac sign, it is associated with ambition, consistency, dedication and stability.  These are the known to be the inherent descriptions of a Taurean.  While the raging bull is believed to represent an absolute strong masculinity, on the contrary, it also stands for soft feminine energy.

Based on the Greek mythology, Zeus, the greatest among the Gods, used a bull in order to subdue the threat of a female enemy named Europa.  With this mythological story, a conviction arose recognizing the Raging Bull tattoo as symbol of immense power and masculinity combined with feminine attributes like passion.  This kind of perception led to a wide popularity of the Raging Bull tattoo to many people across the globe, gaining admiration from both men and women of all ages.

A simple Taurens symbol design.The Raging Bull tattoo made a strong appeal for both genders to have it permanently etched in their skins.  Dating back to 15,000 years ago, this type of tattoo has been discovered by anthropologists to be worn by ancient people in history.  The early men of Rome, Greece, China and India made use of this tattoo as icon of their religions, esthetics, traditional and cultural beliefs.

If you decide to pick the Raging Bull tattoo to be engraved in your body based on your zodiac sign, you must 1st think if your character fits the attributes of a raging bull.  A careful consideration is necessary so as to avoid the mistake of having a tattoo in your body that does not suit your personality.  This zodiac represents loyalty, passion, reliability, depth and straightforward expression of emotions.

A tribal raging bull tattoo design inked on shoulder.These are the characteristics that you have to consider before you finally decide to have a Raging Bull tattoo embedded in your body permanently.  It’s no longer practical nowadays to have a type of tattoo in your body based only on your zodiac sign.  You must also have a good knowledge of what the symbol represents as far as attitudes are concerned.  It is more advisable for you to search online for galleries of tattoos that offer the appropriate design for your type of personality.

You can choose from a wide selection of artistic tattoos that may be similar to the Raging Bull tattoo if the characteristics of this animal do not suit you.  There are available designs in the market today that represent a diverse form and broad imagery combining ancient cultures and modern art.  You can perhaps choose a passive bull in a reclining position, or the type of an aggressive bull in a very active position.

Depending on your choice, it may be well and good if you can have the Raging Bull tattoo in your body as the sign of your zodiac, and at the same time, compatible with your inherent qualities.  Always remember that a Raging Bull tattoo represents peace and silence, but it can also strike when provoked.


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