Religious Praying Hands Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On September 20, 2010 Under Cultural Tattoos

A praying hands tattoo design on man's left arm.Designs of tattoos are available in many forms, and the great choice for religious people is the religious praying hands tattoo.  This tattoo serves as an expression of their spirituality, and their intention to share the message to others.  A wide selection of these tattoos is available in the market today, and most of the people attracted to have them are those with strong religious faith.

Religious praying hands tattoo markings are usually made permanently in your skin, so, if you intend to have one, you must contemplate 1st on the kind of faith that you believe in before you have it pierced in your body.  The amazing religious praying hands tattoo comes in various designs and sizes that are appealing not only to religious people, but also to others who want to keep sentiments and memories in their bodies.

At the start of the 15th century, the religious praying hands tattoo gained acceptance from many people with its 1st artistic painting made by Albert Dürer, a German artist who gave his marvelous creation to the Mayor of Frankfurt as a gift.  The painting was believed to be a tribute of Albert to his brother for the latter’s sacrifice for his own sake.  It was known that the Dürer brothers were both artists, but since they come from a poor family, they could not practice their profession at the same time.

A simple praying hands tattoo on calf.

One should sacrifice working in the mines for the sake of the other.  So, what they did was to flip a coin that would determine who would go to the mines in support of the other.  It so happened that Albert was the lucky one, so, he pursued practicing the art and painted the praying hands in honor of his brother.  That was the origin of the religious praying hands tattoo which was made as a symbol of sacrifice and undying love for someone.

Today, the religious praying hands tattoo is very meaningful as a solid expression of love for a departed one, sacrifice for the benefit of a love one, a source of relief for somebody in grief, an eternal prayer for peace, a religious symbol, and a lot more.  It is a sentimental mark to cherish the memories of a soldier who perished in war, a great symbol for somebody who has survived a chronic disease, and a prayer to endure pain and difficulties in life.  These tattoos are also present in the bodies of convicted criminals who have decided to reform their ways through spiritual faith.

A praying hands with cross and "In Gods Hands" tattoo design at the side of man's body.

You can also find the religious praying hands tattoos in the bodies of parents and their children with corresponding names or dates inscribed with the designs.  This is to remind the parents of their commitment to their kids, and on the other hand, the children’s appreciation of their guidance.  Most religious tattoo experts use the original version of the tattoo when piercing them into the skins of their patrons.

A simple praying hands with "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME" tattoo on man's right arm.

With a lot of religious praying hands tattoo versions present in online galleries today, make sure that you are not overwhelmed in your selection that can compromise your aim in choosing it.


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