Rose Heart Tattoos: How to Create Unique Designs?

By Tattoo Artist On September 22, 2010 Under Flower Tattoos, Love Tattoos

A blue rose with red heart tattoo design for men and women.For so many years, rose heart tattoos have been widely accepted as the most popular symbol for expression of perpetual love among sweethearts and couples.  This tattoo design is used commonly to bear the inscription of a love one, and a wide selection of designs is available in the market today or in online tattoo galleries.  If you are a devotee of Jesus, you can opt for the sacred heart design with an image of a heart with flames and thorns.

One of the rose heart tattoos is the picture of a heart pierced with an arrow symbolic of romance and undying love to a person.  Lovers who lose their love to someone else want to portray their heartaches through the use of a broken heart or bleeding heart design.  Loss of a lover either through death or separation is represented by the image of a heart with wings.  When you see rose heart tattoos where a dagger passes through a heart, you can presume that the bearer is depicting some sort of love betrayal.

If you want to show passion and love, you can choose red roses design as it has been popular particularly for rose heart tattoos.  There can never be a romantic Valentines Day without the presence of roses as well as in anniversaries.  Roses are also symbolic of asking for an apology or trying to make up for something that caused pain for the heart of a person.

A black rose with black heart tattoo on shoulder blade.

Rose heart tattoos are famous for expression of love and romance, but they can also be used as symbols for undying love among married couples that is why they prefer to inscribe their names on their tattoos.  Heart tattoos also represent the soul of a human being taking it from the principle that the soul dwells in the heart.  Even in several religions, the heart is considered something of utmost importance.

A blue rose with heart tattoo for girl.

It can symbolize love for humanity, generosity, value of life and other mystical interpretations.  Based on Christian belief, the heart is the central location of love and Girly red rose heart tattoo design for women.emotions, while in Islam; it is considered as the center of the body for spiritual belief.  In Egyptian mythology, there was a time that the weight of the heart was equated with the ancient Goddess of Truth.  All these meanings are embodied in the rose heart tattoos that are undoubtedly symbols of universal love and spiritual convictions.

History will tell us that the rose is a kind of distinctive flower compared to other flowers.  It signifies mere friendship and love affair, and even people who are not fond of flowers appreciate its elegance and beauty.  This is the reason why rose heart tattoos have gained immense popularity among people in different walks of life, in all ages and for both genders.  One thing good in choosing this kind of tattoo is that there is a wide selection of designs that are available in the market and in online shops and tattoo galleries.  You also have the option to customize your rose heart tattoos by combining the images of love with unique designs.

A purple color rose with a red heart tattoo design for feminine.


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