Simple and Intricate Mask Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On September 12, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

Funny mask tattoo for men and women.Most of tattoo lovers prefer to embed mask tattoo on their chest, arm and back, but the more complex and detailed ones are generally placed on the chest and back since they are larger tattoos that require bigger space for tattooing.  There are some who want to put them on their faces, but this may not be applicable to everyone.  These tats exude different looks such as appealing masks, clever-looking and scary mask tats that attract a lot of tattoo fans.

Mask tattoos may not be suitable for every guys out there, and face tats are absolutely not advisable for formal and work areas, but they serve as unique and interesting creations for artists in the world of tats.  A number of these tats are not crafted from simple patterns or more detailed designs such as the Maori tats, but from actual masks that are more adaptable to the present trend.

A popular type of this tattoo that is the choice of most men and women is the Two Muses of Comedy/Tragedy which is also called Melpomine and Thalia.  You’ll notice that one of them is unfilled or vacant, while the other is filled up completely.  In most cases, the Melpomine or the so-called Muse of Tragedy is the one which is filled up.  Many of these tats are bold and highlighted, and they appear to be more than a simple mask if you take a closer look.

A sun mask tattoo on man's arm.The more complex types are highlighted with appealing images such as stars or angels that provide more detail to the mask tattoo.  More highlighting with specific features is done with larger ones.  Some of these masks have portions of cross tats penetrating the bigger tattoo that form distinctive sections.  These sections contain more complex use of ink and details that only become transparent when you take a very close look on them.

The smaller tats of this type are also impressive in their own unique way.  A great example of these is one that is embedded at the back of a man’s head.  It appears as if it’s trying to crawl out of a ripped hole on the man’s head.  The mask itself has an expressive face that looks weird but wonderful.  If you try to figure out closely and deeply, that is one of the pieces of masks that contain a more revealing message that is perfectly expressed, but can be easily concealed if necessary.

If you are planning to have a mask tattoo, you should remember that getting a typical one is not a difficult thing to do, but one that fits your true personality should be take into consideration.  If you’re already bored with common tats such as bull tats, cross tars and other selections which you think are dull, then, you can begin searching online.

A scary mask tattoo on man's right arm.

There are some reputable websites out there where you can find thousands of choices nowadays for the most appropriate design that can meet your taste and standards.  You’ll find a lot of options for your mask tattoo that is very popular these days in design and style ranging from the simplest forms to the most intricate designs.

A huge Japanese mask tattoo at Japanese guy's back.


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