Small Cute Heart Tattoos: Power of Love?

By Tattoo Artist On September 26, 2010 Under Love Tattoos

Four cute and small heart tattoo at the back of girl's ear.When you’re in love, do you show it through other means aside from having small cute heart tattoos? The art of tattooing is the latest craze in expressing your love to someone without the necessity of saying it in words.  Love designs come in a wide variety of choices, and it’s the easiest category among tattoo selections that you can embed anytime you want.  However, it is best to choose a type of pattern that does not make use of the name of your spouse or sweetheart to avoid regrets in case of a divorce or separation.

Among the list of love designs that you can choose from, the heart is commonly used as symbol to express love and emotion.  The way heart tattoos are created today is entirely different from the designs of yesterday.  You have a lot of rooms to modify your small cute heart tattoos to make them more attractive and appealing to others.  Simple images of heart can turn into a more sophisticated one by adding some meaningful ornaments such as ribbons, flowers and swords.

You can also opt for designs of small cute heart tattoos that can be made applicable for spiritualism if you are a religious person.  If you are a lover of hearts, there are many things that you can use to make your tattoo design more appealing.  You can perhaps have an image of a locked heart which is symbolic of a strong and steady relationship.  To make it more unique and meaningful, you can add keys that are visible inside as well as names inscribed on the small cute heart tattoos.  However, this type of design can be quite sensitive because of short-lived marital relationships nowadays.

A little cute heart tattoo at the back of girl's neck.

If you are geared towards religious beliefs, you can select the sacred heart used by other Christians in embedding their small cute heart tattoos on their bodies.  This type of design indicates the devotion of Christians to Lord Jesus Christ, and in return, the love of Christ towards mankind.  For some people, they value the importance of winged heart which means soul enlightenment.  However, some individuals view it as a symbol of love that flies or fades away resulting to severe loneliness of a person left alone.

Two small heart tattoo on girl's left wrist.

If you want small cute heart tattoos that look simple printed with bold black lines, with no names inscribed in them, you can consider having tribal tattoos.  This type of design is timeless, historic and still adaptable to the modern times.  A variety of selections await you in tattoo galleries online for this kind of design.  If you are a strong devotee of Jesus Christ, you can choose the sacred heart with flames and thorns for your small cute heart tattoos.

A small and cute heart tattoo design at the right of girl's lower back.

The image of the heart featured in this design is actually the heart of Jesus depicting his unconditional love for humans, while the bearer symbolizes his great dedication to Jesus Christ.  As you search online, you can have as many options as possible to create your small cute heart tattoos that can be embedded permanently on your skin.


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