Snowflake Tattoos and Placement Ideas

By Tattoo Artist On September 30, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos

Three snowflake tattoo for girls and boys.The principle involved in the creation of snowflake tattoos is based on the fact that no individuals are the same with each other in the world.  Even snowflakes have their own differences in forms and shapes when they fall every second on earth.  They are very attractive in appearance since they are compiled into approximately 200 ice crystals formed in spectacular structures.

Thus, these tattoos stand for uniqueness and strong differences in designs.  They are made beautifully which can look their best in sizes and shapes.  This is exactly the reason why many people prefer to have these kinds of tats embedded on their bodies.  At a glance, the snowflakes may seem similar to each other, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find out that are great differences in their features.

This is the same way as assessing the profiles of individuals.  It’s not practical to generalize people based on the notion that they are all the same because each has his own unique quality in line with their differences in various aspects.  If you are interested to have a design of snowflake tattoos, you can consider the following ideas.  These amazing tattoos are done in a very creative way by the tat artists since minute details are involved in drawing them.

A lot of people prefer to etch these tat designs on their bodies considering that they are very simple in design, and can be accommodated on any area of the body.  If this is your first time to get your tattoo, it would be a great choice for you to have one like this.  You can find a wide variety of choices in online tat galleries where you can choose from.

Four blue color snowflakes tattoo in ankle.

After you have chosen the best design of snowflake tattoos, you can then think of the proper area where it can be embedded appropriately.  A snowflake tat design will look great on your feet, so, you can make it as one of the options in placement area.  If you decide to print it in on your foot, it’s best to be placed either on your frontal foot or next to your ankle.  You can have one snowflake beneath the ankle, or a chain of snowflakes drawn starting from one end of your foot to the other.

A simple and small snowflake tattoo at the back of girl's ear.

Your next placement options are on the wrist and at the neck since these areas are small that are best to accommodate small snowflakes tats that would look great on them.  There are people who want to have big size of snowflake tattoos combined with other designs at their back.  You can even have them stretching from the sides of your back across your hips.

Other parts of the body that are suitable to have these attractive tats include the lower back, hips, abdominal region and your arms.  Just make sure that before you embed one permanently, you have searched thoroughly on the right design, to avoid any regrets later.  With all the snowflake tattoos ideas written here, you can now proceed with inking of your choice among the options given above.

A small snowflake tattoo on girl's foot.


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