Story Behind Faerie Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On August 3, 2010 Under Mythical Tattoos

A tribal butterfly wings tattoo design on girl's right shoulder blade.Every time people see forests, woods and nature, they remember fairies where fairy tales and faerie tattoo originated.  These mystical creatures are attractive to children because they are symbolic of mystery, simplicity and beauty.  Their legends bring rich imagination, happiness and hope for the readers and believers.  The simple story of innocence induces many people especially ladies to get the appropriate tattoo designs.

It is a common belief even in the olden times that fairies symbolize a degree of elegance and childish cheerfulness that is why many women are drawn to it.  When it comes to faerie tattoo designs, they are crafted using different bold colors or images that are drawn with single-toned color, bright colors with dark inks or stars, tribal designs, the beauty of nature seen at the background, etc.

The fairies themselves are usually featured surrounded with flowers, trees, leaves or mushrooms.  They are also moving around with tiny butterflies and other miniature creatures living in the forest.  These small creatures are commonly posing with spread-out or partly-opened wings in standing position, kneeling, sitting down while holding their knees, or lying with their stomach on the ground.

A faerie with a moon tattoo design for feminine.

If you want to have a kind of faerie tattoo that is simple in design, you can get one that exudes a great emotion or a design that portrays a sense of cheerfulness and child-like playfulness.  You can find plenty of templates for fairy tat designs that are available in local tat studios or online tat shops since they are very popular among women.  However, you should be aware that their cost is a little higher than ordinary tats due to their intricate designs.

Feminine flying faerie tattoo design at the back.

They are crafted in complex detail, with sensitive play of shades and lines, and they are highly-styled to suit your discriminating taste.  If their price is a barrier, then, you can simply come up with your own design to reduce the cost.  Anyway, you won’t prefer a kind of tattoo in which you spent a lot, but got something that has a copycat somewhere since you just picked it from a studio catalogue or from the internet.

However, if you don’t possess a creative skill, you can just search for the type of faerie tattoo that you want from online tat galleries, and have an expert artist do it for you.  There are artists who are experts in multi-colored shading, anthropomorphic images, and tribal designs that will meet your taste.  You can inquire from the artist if he can customize your tattoo.

A pretty faerie tattoo design for girls.

This is a better step if you want your tattoo to be meaningful and less expensive instead of having something that only serves as an accessory or ornament in your body.  Start it out by printing your chosen design, then, perform a trial with the use of a dye version of the style first.  Fairy tattoos are symbolic of rich, meaningful interpretations.

Wearing a faerie tattoo design creates the essence of being a magical creation through imagination that provides you with lots of joy, comfort, confidence, child-like innocence and youthful tolerance about trivial matters.


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