Symbolic Eagle Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 30, 2010 Under Animal Tattoos, Patriotic Tattoos

The patriotic eagle with American flag tattoo design for men ang women.What people perceive about you when you are wearing the symbolic eagle tattoo designs?

In the past, Eagle tattoo designs are symbolic of freedom and masculinity where the eagle symbolizes the sun in ancient history.  The eagle was worshipped by the Kopts as icon of strength and elusive power, while the Greeks and Persians recognized it with incomparable significance.

Ancient people believe that Eagle tattoo designs reflect power, wealth, success, prosperity and strength.  Military men and patriotic citizens prefer to have eagle tattoos in their bodies as a reminder of liberty and freedom.  These tattoos are combined with flags, emblems and banners portraying acts of patriotism as homage to the whole nation.

It was at the time of George Washington as the 1st President of the US that the eagle was chosen as the symbol of the great nation.  In North America, bald eagles could be found representing enormous power.  The Eagle tattoo designs gained utmost popularity as symbol of America, and people wearing this kind of tattoo are perceived to pay due respect and honor to the nation.

A flying eagle tattoo on man's chest.For generations, the cultural belief recognizes the eagle as a true messenger and servant of God.  Old Americans had a strong belief that the eagle is a mystical creation with amazing power and bravery.  It is said to be the king of all birds, and commands a strong dominance to all flying creatures on earth.  In this perception that Eagle tattoo designs became so popular as portrayal of rising spirit, extensive power and divinity.

Eagles are known to have sharp sight while they rise above the sky.  This is exactly what Eagle tattoo designs tend to portray, a distinctive character able to subdue all the difficulties in life and strong commitment to pursue higher goals.  These tattoos are considered unique in design, and there are many options available to embed them in different parts of your body.

Eagle tattoo designs can fit perfectly on your shoulder, lower and upper back portion, and at your upper arm.  Eagle tattoos also display a sense of masculinityA tribal eagle tattoo at inner forearm. with big feathers opened wide.  Many men prefer to wear their large eagle tattoos at their backs to be more transparent.  The design showing an eagle ready to attack its prey with its visible sharp and huge beak is a popular choice for men.

A lot of qualities of the eagle are reflected in the Eagle tattoo designs displaying a macho image of men.  While the eagle is observed to fly alone in the sky with its powerful profile, men tend to adopt these attitudes of the eagle by becoming independent, strong and courageous leader depicted in the kind of tattoos they wear.  In your choice of a perfect type of Eagle tattoo designs, make sure that you don’t impulsively pick-out any design that attracts your eyes at an instant.

Be meticulous and careful in your choice of eagle tattoos that you want to be embedded permanently in your body.  Have enough time to choose the right one, and be cool in your selection avoiding the mistake of picking one that 1st comes your way.  You can search online for websites and galleries providing a wide selection of Eagle tattoo designs.

A powerful flying eagle tattoo on man's left arm.


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