Symbols of Celtic Butterfly

By Tattoo Artist On July 16, 2010 Under Animal Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos

Feminine celtic butterfly tattoo design.The Celtic Butterfly Tattoos as Symbol of Strength, Endurance and Strong Faith

The Celtics treated animal symbols seriously, and used them in many ways as a show of reverence just like in jewelry, carvings and Celtic butterfly tattoos.  The Celtic people also revered the cycle of life, spirituality, family, friendship and love as among the important aspects of life, and tattooed them on their bodies.

Since Celtic butterflies were involved in the process of transition, Celtic women adored this quality that they used the symbol of butterfly to associate them to childbirth as a means of commemorating the birth of their babies into the tribal community.  To be more specific, they used these symbols in Celtic butterfly tattoos that they embed on their bodies to remind them of the ever-changing cycle of life.

The Celtics adored the butterfly because of the amazing phenomenon of metamorphosis that it has to go through during childbirth ranging from its initial form as an egg, to larvae, then to pupa, and from there, the butterfly emerges.  Then, they see a beautiful object with its glory resulting from the breathtaking transformation which they embed in their thoughts through creation of a creative design.

Black, white and grey color celtic butterfly wings tattoo.This transition is the most powerful quality of a butterfly that the Celtics admired which led to this unforgettable folklore, and marked significantly in Celtic butterfly tattoos.  But this insect does not only symbolize recycling of life, rebirth and transition; it also signifies time and soul, brightness, celebration and resurrection.  This Celtic symbolism of the delicate butterfly which was passed on for generations speaks of something significant in meeting the challenges of everyday life.

It conveys the message of accepting any change that occurs in the environment as part of life while welcoming the product of transformation including whatever changes that may occur to the human body.  The Celtic butterfly tattoos serve as a reminder that the process of metamorphosis that the butterfly has to undergo actually represents strong faith.  Therefore, during transitions, whether abrupt or gradual, that faith should not waver.

A beautiful celtic butterfly tattoo design for women.

People should not fret nor regret for whatever consequences may come as a result of transition in the environment.  This is the reason why butterflies are associated with the soul of human beings and embedded in Celtic butterfly tattoos in order to remind them that along the way, there may be trials and stiff challenges that they would meet that should

A purple and yellow color celtic butterfly tattoo design.

not cause people to panic and instead, make them stronger and enduring.

Just like today and for any centuries in the past, people tend to remember the rough roads that they have gone

through and survived with great pride.  Many people want to look back in reminiscence of their past challenging life with much enthusiasm ahead.  They believe that there is no other better way of reminiscing those challenges that they have experienced in their lives but through having Celtic butterfly tattoos etched on their bodies.

Celtic butterfly tattoos can be considered as something that can stand alone with attractive, colorful and versatile appearance that can suit anyone regardless of age, creed, gender or religion.


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