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By Tattoo Artist On July 9, 2012 Under Ancient Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoos, Mythical Tattoos

Wing Tattoos at Full Back (Angel or Devil)   

Wings represent the ultimate power of flight. The ability to fly away touches a deep yearning in people to break free from whatever is holding them back in life. At the same time, wings can also depict protection and guidance. This is especially true of angel wings. People who display angel wing tattoos often feel that they have the freedom to take their lives in a different direction and still be protected in that move.

Tattoo angel wings with crossIn recent years, both men and women are choosing angel wing tattoos. Traditional angel wings cover both shoulder blades and are usually applied with black ink. Women sometimes choose smaller ones that are placed on the back of a neck, on a shoulder blade or the inside a wrist. Sometimes, angel wing tattoos include other symbols in the design. However, nothing can quite compare to the dramatic “full back” rendition. Angel wings that begin at the shoulder blades and sweep fully to the hips produce a spectacular effect. It’s as if a person can truly take flight.

There can be a darker side to angel wings. An image of a fallen angel can depict a failing in a person’s life or a reminder of the struggle between good and evil. And then there is the image of devil (or demon) wings. Devil wings are different from angel wings in that they are much darker and have a scaly appearance, often with pointed tips. Wings tattoo on back upswept

The origin of the word demon is actually not connected to “evil.” Rather, it was just a spirit who delivered messages to humans from the gods. Devils or demons can also represent an impish quality of a person who enjoys devilish behaviors from time to time. However, since most people associate a demon with hell, evil spirits or succumbing human temptations, it is best to be cautious when selecting a devil wing design. Both full-back angel and devil wings can be elaborate and intricate designs with stunning results.

Occasionally, someone will want an angel/devil hybrid design that clearly symbolizes the struggle between good and evil! This design especially lends itself to creative customization.

Wings are also associated with butterflies, dragonflies and fairies. These creatures are delicate and can signify life’s fragility. Or wings may be associated with power, like the wings of an eagle. But if you have ever pondered the relationship between good and evil, or flight paired with protection, or just a human being’s temptation to indulge in impish behaviors, then full-back angel or devil wings may just become your favorite tattoo design.


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