Zodiac Tattoo Signs of Capricorn

By Tattoo Artist On October 20, 2010 Under Zodiac Tattoos

The sign of capricorn with date tattoo design for men and women.Zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn as symbol of success and steadfast principle…

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn usually prefer to have only the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn embedded on their bodies.  While there are a few who would not go for their specific symbol and would choose other zodiac signs, there are also those whose signs are not Capricorn, but they want to have the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn etched on their skins.

Being the 10th in the rank of horoscope, Capricorn is symbolized by a mythical goat called Amalthea.  There are several legends associated with this symbol, and one of the most popular is the one stating that this goat was greatly honored by the Greek God Zeus for providing him with milk during his youth.  Capricorn is governed by the 2nd biggest planet in the solar system which is Saturn.  Therefore, the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn indicate greatness in skills and intelligence.

A small capricorn tattoo design for girls.Capricorn people are noted for being conformist, economical and possess a strong determination to succeed in life.  People who are born under the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn believe that there is no alternative for hard work in achieving their goals, and they are consistent in the pursuit of professional advancement, growth, and desire to be on top of anything.  They are highly competitive, tough, courageous, and born to be strong leaders.

On the other hand, this zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn indicate stubborn decisions, inability to focus on details, and erratic behavior which is more of being hot-tempered.  People under this sign give important value in time, ‘though at times, they tend to miss valuable opportunities due to their impulsive behavior.  One known traditional quality that they have is their steadfast principle that men should act as providers in the family, while women stay home to take care of the children and household.

Once this stiff principle is violated, Capricorns tend to be unruly and show their sharp horns to punish violators.  Generally, those who have a firm belief in this family principle whether they are Capricorns or not, opt to have the symbol of zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn inked on their bodies.  These tattoo designs tend to show the good qualities of patience, ambition and hard work rather than the negative traits of Capricorn people.

A red and black color capricorn sign tattoo for men and women.

If you are a strong believer of astrology, you would perhaps agree that the lives of human beings are greatly influenced by planets and stars.  Once major changes occur with these heavenly bodies brought about by the movements of the sun and the moon, there will be corresponding effects to people under the different signs of zodiac.  However, some people believe that if they possess their horoscope symbols on their bodies just like the zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn, these would serve as talisman against misfortunes brought about by unfavorable twists in planetary movements.

Some of the popular tattoos applicable for Capricorn are Celtics and Tribal tattoos combined with the sun, moon, stars, skulls, crosses, hearts and flowers.  Designs of Zodiac tattoo signs of Capricorn are best embedded on the foot, ankle, chest, shoulder, lower back and arms.

A capricorn with flowers tattoo on girl's ankle.


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